Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Luv-able and Hug-able

So many things and so little time. It took me about three hours today just to go through email. I am at a loss for time and it's stressing me out! I can't believe I am starting to think about Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc. It is CRAZY!!! And one thing I don't want to fail mentioning is how awesome this year's Luv-able and Hug-able show is going to be. As mentioned before, the wonderful folks at Gallery Hanahou submitted some of their favorite plush artists for the Plush You show here and in SF and in return, I submitted some to them. It will be a great show so please mark your calendars!

December 4 - January 7
Opening party: December 4, 6-9 pm
Gallery Hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730
New York, NY

You can also check out their pictures from their trip out to Seattle for this year's Plush You opening here


Sarah said...

Who did these dolls? They are great!

Roro said...

Sooooo nice! ^-^

Schmancy said...

kup kup. sorry about that.