Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looking for authors

I am in need of some help and figured you guys would be the best folks to ask. I am now working for Urban Craft Uprising and trying to organize author book signings for our event which is on Dec. 6ht and 7th. I have a small list of local authors but would love to try and get more. You do not have to be local either. If you are an author and might like to come to UCU for a book signing, please shoot me an email. If you know of people I might consider asking, please let me know!

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The PettiCoat Pirate said...

You MUST get in touch with Noah Scalin to do a book signing. You can contact him through . His book just came out and he is traveling all over to promote it. He is an awesome guy, I met him last summer at the Art-O-Mat convention. We are both Art-O- Artist. You can tell him Windy, The PettiCaot Pirate, sent you.