Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm so tired I could cry

I am still in Ohio and man, doing photos all day everyday sure is tiring. I don't think I have adjusted to the time difference either. All I can think about are here's some.

By Plain Jane Textiles

By Heart Attack Designs

By Cuore

By LilMoon

By Tacky Top Hat

I gotta go take a nap. Nighty night....


lookwhaticando said...

Hey lady
What are you doing photos for?
I am in the dark.
Sorry to hear you are so tired.
Love you and hope you are rested sooooooon.

Ally said...

lilmoon did a great job
i love her plush

Star said...

I just happened upon your fab blog.
Such a visual feast! I hope you get a very nice nap, those are hard to come by around here.