Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Full of Fluff Interview

This will be the second year Carey Huffman of Full of Fluff has participated in Plush You! I LOVE her work! It's amazing, sells really quickly and each piece has tons of personality. This year's pieces are AMAZING!! I am so glad we finally were able to learn more about the woman behind this work. Enjoy!

S- First tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started Full of Fluff.

FoF- I started Full of Fluff a year or so back while I was working in my first job as a graphic designer right out of school. I needed more creative stimulation than what I was getting at work and I thought that blogging would force me to do more crafting and write about my work. I have always loved toys and I started making more and more just before starting the blog. Toys are fun and a great way to make art where the only standard is how warm the smile of the viewer is. I chose the name Full of Fluff because toys are literally filled with fluff and my intent is that the blog would always be light and fluffy no matter what I am making.

S- What is your favorite organizational tool?

FoF- Pegboard. I love that thing. I can quickly look at all my craft tools and find what I need. I like how there is no right and wrong place to put everything, most everything tends to go on the closest hook to my hand when I am working.

S- How much time do you get to dedicate to your crafts?

FoF- It never feels like enough but I am sure many would think of it as too much. I work a full-time job but most evenings and weekends I cram in some craft time. I also try to carry a small working project in my purse. It can be surprising when you have some unexpected down time where you can get some work done. I also come up with a lot of my ideas while in meetings.

Read full interview here

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