Saturday, September 06, 2008


I dropped my cellphone in a large tub of water this morning. It's so annoying! I can get calls but can't make any. It's so weird. Well I guess not so weird considering I dropped it in a huge tub of water. Remember the days when you had to remember phone numbers and/or you had a phone book?? What a loss I am at now without a way to communicate. How lame!


I found these super cute cellphone charms. This one here is super cute.

I love this fish

This guy is super cute too.


Bachelor Paul said...


Yummy Pancake said...

Ouch! Put your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight....the rice should wick the water out of your phone....worked for me ^_^

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Holy cheese on a stick! That last lil' guy KILLS me! Sooo tempted. :|

I don't even remember my husband's phone number... terrible, huh? I would be completely lost without my phone. Can you at least access the phonebook to write everything down (in case of emergency)?

Kimberland Designs said...

Im the same with numbers. I keep meaning to right them down - just in case - but I never get around to it! Hope your phone miraculously gets better =P

I love those charms by the way - especially the fish - too cute!

Kim =)