Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seattle's Eats.

Happy Meal by Bugga Bugs

Here will be a first post of several on the lovely city of Seattle. I know some of you are making it out for the show and I want you to enjoy the things that Seattle has to offer you. Since I love to eat and enjoy telling people where to eat, I thought that should be my first we all do need to eat!

One of my traditions every year the morning of the Plush You openings is to go to breakfast at Le Pichet. It's around the block from Schmancy and really good. But in this last year the owner opened up Caffe Presse and it is so so amazing. Many foodies love this place so it's gotta be good right? I think I am changing my tradition to Caffe Presse instead this year. If anyone is in town and wants to meet up there, let me know...I can try to reserve a table. Either way, I will be there!

Dinner is always a little trickie for me the night of the opening. It's too crazy and I don't really get a chance to eat but you guys can! You should try to make it to Serious Pie which is right around the corner from Schmancy. It is one of Tom Douglas' restaurants and has really amazing pizza! The atmosphere is pretty cool too. It does get crowded so maybe putting your name down early would be wise. Don't forget to check out Dahlia Bakery for a little treat...because they are delicious!

The market has many places to eat delicious food and is a Seattley thing to do. Here are a few:

Alibi Room

Matt's in the Market

The Pink Door has an awesome patio. If it's sunny, go there!

There is an extensive list of restaurants at the market here

Here are some other suggestions of places to go but will require either a car, a cab or a longish walk...maybe.

Boom Noodle

La Spiga

Sitka and Spruce

Tamarind Tree

Vegetarian Bistro

Tutta Bella also has amazing pizza. The closest one to us is on Westlake.

sushi by BebeToby

I believe that Saito's has the best sushi in Seattle. I'm just sayin'.

cupcake by cherylasmith

Trophy Cupcakes has AMAZING cupcakes and will be sponsoring this year's show. Go there.

You also have to check out Cupcake Royale.

Top Pot Donuts is awesome and it's beautiful.

oh man, i am so hungry now. Gotta go!

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Ming said...

Great post! I'm going to save this for our next trip to Seattle!