Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Information on this year's Plush You show

This year we are so happy to host the Plush You show at Schmancy, Fancy and Nancy in Seattle. The show opens up on Oct. 10th. It sounds like a lot of you will be attending the show. I highly suggest looking into staying at The Moore Hotel. The price is right and it's a hop and skip away from all of our stores. I am really shocked at how many people have been telling me they are coming out for the show. Last year I was surprised how many people came from out of state, this year I can't believe how many folks have mentioned coming from out of the COUNTRY! I am very honored. I thank you from the bottom of my plushie heart. for those of you that will be here, please check in with one of us to get a name tag. I really want this show to be a nice place to socialize with fellow crafters so wearing a name tag will help identify who is who. It gets super crowded too so a lot of mingling happens outside our stores. Even if you are not in the show, if you are a blogger, crafter, etc. get a name tag!

As far as getting your stuff in. I have been getting a lot of emails (thank you) for people's pieces and prices. For the Seattle show, this was due on the 15th. If you haven't gotten it to me yet, PLEASE get it to me asap. I really need this information to start working on tags. Once I get that info I will send you an email with all your information to confirm it is all correct.

I wanted to get your work Sept. 1st but if you are going to be late, do not stress. Once your work is received we will be taking pictures of each piece to get stuff up on a website. What I have decided to do is first put things on my flickr account so that if people want to purchase it they can. I want those people that are attending to see a lot of work and get first dibs on what they want. Some fans of Plush You have a very watchful eye on their favorite artists and that is totally fine. If someone contacts me about a piece before the show opens and wants to buy it, I am totally cool with that. But overall I want most items to still be up for grabs. It gets really hectic with folks coming in trying to get first dibs and whatnot. There is a lot to absorb and I think everyone leaves pretty satisfied.

The SF show stuff is due next month and I will do a more elaborate post on that show soon.

It's getting nuttier and nuttier in here...i can't believe it's after 5:00 already! Where does the time go? I am also working on a few books that are due very soon so please oh please, be patient with me. I am not trying to ignore ya', just got a lot going on.

xoxo, your #1 plush fan

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