Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poor Bambi

I am going to tell you a dirty little secret of mine. I, Kristen, like to read celebrity gossip. I don't have coworkers anymore so there is no gossip, no one to occasionally make fun of. I get bored sometimes and miss that part of having a "real job". So my outlet has become shitty celebrity gossip and man, it's addicting. It's like internet crack. I was trying to slow down and then Kate had to mention Lily Allen's fawn dress and I just had to look. Then I get sucked in. It's a bad, horrible habit and I can't seem to stop. But hey, I don't do other bad things, like smoke crack so whatever.

Here is the dress. What kind of statement do you think she was trying to make? Does she hate fawns? Did she just like the fabric? Was she trying to be ironic?

I think people should start sending her fawn items just so she knows they are just harmless, adorable little animals. No need to hate on the fawn Lily.

This necklace would have made a nice addition to her outfit.

This fawn figurine is super cute and made from recycled crayons!

These tags are really cute and cheap!

I know, this is a plush is a plush fawn

Fantastic Toys makes some super cute fawn plush and we'll have an interview with Tim up soon.

This felted fawn is really sweet.

I have wanted to try out one of these projects but this one is so perfect.

This fawn is simply beautiful.

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