Friday, June 06, 2008

Please Mark your calendars!

Next Friday, I am pleased as punch, to announce our next show goes up with some fantastic artists! And they will be here! yay!!!

We will have the uber talented Ashley Goldberg here. I love Ashley's work a lot so I am really excited. I am also so happy that she has recently moved to Portland so she will make it up for the show to hang out and drink beer with her you drink beer Ashley?

Mark Hundley of Bisbee Stitches fame will also be here the same night. Plush and prints. Yahooo. I got to meet Mark in NYC in Dec. and I knew the guy would be awesome. And he is. Super nice, makes amazing plush and has a big fan club here at Schmancy. It is going to be a fantastic evening so please come by.

Then the following night Lisa Congdon will be showing at Velouria in Ballard. It's going to be a fun filled art/nice people weekend.

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