Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where The Wild Things Are

The internet is so overwhelming sometimes! You take a break for a couple days, or forget to check a blog for a week, and KABOOM! I suppose it is a tribute to just how much talent is out there... and how prolific you all are! I spent some time catching up over at the Plush Team blog this morning, and I love their latest plush challenge -- The Storybook & Fairytale Project.

The participants worked in pairs to create a character from their partner's favorite fairytale or storybook. There are some great responses, but this one by Patti Haskins really caught my eye. I love that book, and her piece is spot-on! I am impressed.

She has a great post on her personal blog regarding Moishe's creation. Check that out here. Her blog was fun to explore too. I really like the idea behind her 'Encyclopedia of Crafts' posts. She's scanned a couple patterns from her old craft books and posted them as PDFs for people to download.

Take a minute to check out the rest of the storybook responses over at Plush Team. Well played, everyone. They look great!

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patti haskins` said...

Thanks Elena for your kind words. I truly appreciate it.