Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My perfect today

I liked doing the bbq post so much that I am going to try and do those more. Today is not much like the other day. I woke up to rain, bused up to Ballard in the rain and then came to work. It wasn't the greatest day for a long bus ride but I had to get craft supplies as I have been a crafting fool lately. I have had a major struggle in my crafting life. I look at so much crafts that I think it started to make me scared to try my own things. I have an idea and then I see someone else had/has it too. So I decided the other day to stop caring and just start sewing. I can't help where my influences come from, etc. but I can't let that stop me from making stuff. I have been in a way better mood since I decided to just say "f@#* it"...get out my f it bucket!

So in my ideal day I would first wake up and drink a cup of tea in my comfy arm chair by OhCuddles while planning out my day.

I would decide to first go get inspired. I would head over to the aquarium with my friend and her daughter because it's fun to go to places like that with a kid. Otto the Octopus would be my favorite.

Then we would grab a quick lunch. They would have an amazing cake counter but I wouldn't be able to decide so I would just take a picture for inspiration.

Before I say goodbye I would give my friends daughter this cute plush I would have made from Fuzzy Mitten

I would go home and order some craft supplies such as these eyes from ChezMichelle

And some fabric from Superbuzzy like this one.

Then I would lock myself in my craft closet and go nuts until the sun went down. Then a friend would ring me up and say they were coming over with dinner since I need a break. They would bring delicious sushi from Kiiss

Then we would have a beer because it's fun to craft with cocktails. I would be so lucky to have a six pack of beer from Kittenbite in my fridge.

Then after a full day of crafting, seeing friends and eating good food I would go to bed because there is nothing better then a good nights rest.

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Barbara Prime said...

What an excellent, uplifting post - thank you! I'm glad you decided to just try whatever you are inspired to make. I hope you have loads of fun with your craft supplies :)