Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lab

Alright folks, I am feeling really inspired by last night's panel discussion at The Lab. Last night's topic was about Blogging. I was really excited to hear what these well read ladies had to say. Megan of Not Martha was on the panel. Megan is a very well read, old school blogger. I have had the pleasure of meeting Megan several times but I loved learning more about her, her blog and how she views blogging in general. What I have always loved about her blog is that it is her. She has good taste, she shares her projects and her site is very simple and user friendly. Above all she is a very nice person and always fun to talk to. If you are not a fan yet, what are you waiting for?

It is always a pleasure to chat with Mary T of Shelterrific who was also on the panel. As always, Mary has a great summary of last night's event so click the link to see what she has to say about being a successful blogger. I met Mary shortly after her and her husband moved here from Ohio where I am from as well as Megan. Mary is so nice to always make it an appoint to introduce me to various newcomers of Seattle. Such as Tula of Whorange who immediately has become a new obsession of mine. Holy hell that woman has amazing taste! Tula is visiting this week from LA and I hope that she is able to make it over to Schmancy for at least a quick hello.

Then there was Elaine of Deorno. Now this will be a weird confession but I think one thing I admire about her is that she has no shame in her game. I like that if she doesn't like something she says it. Nothing needs to be sugar coated with her and you have got to admire a girl who says "that's ghetto" and isn't afraid to say "fuck" in her posts...or at least I do. She's got a great sense of good design and she's hilarious to boot. What more do you really want out of blog reading?

Last we have Paola from Mirror Mirror. Unfortunately it was a bit hard to hear her but I thought what she said was really interesting. She has an awesome blog and was at the last event so I hope to see her at the next event and perhaps get to talk with her a bit more.

Needless to say I want to set up a poll system so the site is a bit more interactive and perhaps set up a few more things to make this site more useful to you all. If you have any suggestions of what you might like to see up here please let me know.

Lastly, I will be on the next panel at The Lab along with the fabulous Made By Moxie and the talented Hansi. We will be not only discussing the Plush You! show and how that has come about but we will be talking about crafting, selling your goods, etc. It should be a great night. I'll talk more about it as time approaches.


paola said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the write-up. I'm sorry you couldn't hear me too well!

I've been wanting to chat to you for so long but you always seem to disappear before I manage to extricate myself.

And I don't think I can make it to the next Lab, which I'm REALLY sad to miss.

But one day soon...

(Actually I might just pop into the shop next time I'm downtown - my daughter would love it)

Schmancy said...

no problem. I would love to officially meet you so please stop by sometime or I'll just have to hang out longer when you are there. I was there for Matte Stephens until the bitter end but this time I had a ride come so I had to take off fast. One day soon!

tula said...

i absolutely LOVED meeting you, kristen!!! and your store is simply to die for. it was so great to visit it in person and play with and droll over all of the plushness. and, did i miss those beaver toys???

stay fabulous and i'll see you the next time i'm in seattle (which i hope is soon, cuz man are you folks lovely!) xoxo

Schmancy said...

same to you lady! you should just move to Seattle and then we can all be friends. weeeeeee
thanks for stopping by to say hello!