Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's time to bbq!

I am not sure what it is like where you live but it has been beautiful here in Seattle for the last few days. We greatly deserve to see some sun but I can't believe how perfect it is. There was a nice breeze last night, it's a good temperature and man oh man...I just can't stop smiling. This morning I decided I needed to have a bbq tonight. There is a great backyard at my apartment and I seem to be one of the brave ones that actually makes use of it. So here I come! Here's some plushie bbq treats.

First make some lemonade from Homemade Zen.

Then choose your protein from Pinkkrystals

or from AnaPaulaoli (interview with her this wednesday!)

You will definitely want a fruit salad! Get all your fruit from Crafty Anna

But don't forget your veggies! Get 'em here

And corn on the cob...yumm Get it here

Don't forget desert! My sister and her husband bought a house last night and to celebrate we had a delicious hot fudge sundae! You can get this cute one at Love a Sandwich

Popsicles work too! Get one from Michelle Rheaume Designs

And some watermelon to cleanse your palette. Get it here


moxie said...

fantastic and fun post! i'm hungry now.

Charlie P said...

It's incredible how much amazing stuff is out there- thank for all the links :)