Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I noticed this lil' guy (in his fancy, removable kicks) on the plush pool today, and subsequently got sucked into Rachel's 'made' set on flickr. She's local too (for all you Seattle readers, that is). All of her yetis are so aptly named and accessorized! Here are a few of my favorites:

Theo and his branch

Trudy and her cheese sandwich

Lennon and his peach

I like the idea of each plush having a favorite object. It kind of reminds me of those weird, Safeco insurance commercials where the insurance company leaves pedestals on people's stoops, and the person in the commercial goes all around their house looking for things to put on the pedestal; the tag line being "What's important to you?"

They pick mostly boring things like trophies and scooters, but I like the idea of picking a cheese sandwich or a peach or a branch. More than that, I like the idea of a Yeti picking a cheese sandwich or a peach or a branch... because hey, that's important.

Check out her flickr, blog and etsy for more awesome.


rachel said...

aw, thanks for the post! all the yetis really appreciate it too. ;)

Bunny B said...


nahbois said...

they're great.