Thursday, May 08, 2008

Destination Japan

I really really want to go to Japan. I mean, badly. I think I will have to wait until I am officially out of debt and all that. Until I can land myself a ticket to Japan I will just have to admire from afar. MoMA store has a new collection of lifestyle products and here are a few of my favorites.

A is for Apple and Awesome sugar bowl.

This Happy Cat Tote Bag designed by Mika Hizume

I love seeing all the Eco Bags around. They aren't usually this cute though.

Pan-chan the Elephant Plush by Chinatsu Ban is really cute!

And these Patisserie Necklaces by Tadaaki Wakamatsu are making me really hungry!


lookwhaticando said...

Japan and Iceland are two hot places on my all time places to go list....Love Japan....

Mr.Funky said...

I am planning to go back to Japan next year,maybe I could be your translator.

Schmancy said...

That might just be too good to be true :)