Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Japanese avant-garde art collective ALFORT transform gallery hanahou into an enchanting wonderland, starring the iconic doll Blythe.

"Lilliput ~ my little friends" is a scene from the imaginary Lilliput ballet, in which you, the hero or heroine of the story, fall into a deep sleep and are whisked away to a foreign land. You awake to find yourself on the shore of unconsciousness in this immersive installation of dreams, fantasy, and memory. The exhibit will also feature digital and watercolor artwork by Naito Yamada.
Please join the artists for an opening reception Thursday, April 10, 6-9 pm. RSVP here.

I spent a little time at Gallery Hanahou during my trip. I really wish I could be at this show. It looks amazing.

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Elizabeth Garvey said...

wow your blog is so amazing!!!! i love loveloveloveloev it sew much!

i make things too =)