Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barter Sauce

The rules are as follows:

Look at what I have up for trade.
Begin to become obsessed with something. Think about it day and night.
Send me a trade offer. Make it something weird.
Write a story about it. How you got it. What it was like owning it.
Anything. It does not have to be true. Email it to me. Wait patiently.
Meet me. Give me something. Get something. Have picture taken. Simple

Barter Sauce. Most likely it's the only place where you could find a paraglider, a tombstone from 1867, cookbooks that tell you How to Cook Like a Stud, and a painting of a cockfight all in one place.

Do it all at Barter Sauce whom will also be at First Thursday here in Seattle. 5-10pm at 216 Alaskan (under the viadcut btwn Main and Washington)

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Anonymous said...

I am blazabes and I Like the barter