Thursday, April 17, 2008


Blogger is not being my friend today. I am trying to upload our interview with Jenny Harada and it is not letting me. I feel super irritated. BUT as I sit here thinking about how awesome Plush You is going to be this year I had an idea that I thought I would share. We will be doing a kick off event this year with the fabulous Made by Moxie and the fantastic folks over at Craft. I really would love to have some raffle prizes and/or door prizes for this event. So I thought I would let you guys in on it. If you want to send something to me for the one either here in Seattle in early October or the one in SF in early November, you can get your name out there even more. Send something small, with business cards. I am thinking we could get gift bags going with a bunch of fun things inside. So here is your chance to promote your business. Contact me via email if you would like to contribute!

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Anonymous said...

i would love to donate something for the raffle. is that okay? even though i'm not in the plush you show(because i was too late - dammit!). next year though, i'm all over it!