Friday, March 28, 2008


One of my favorite parts about crafting and the internet (I guess just the internet in general??) is how you get all these sneak peeks into people's lives. Creepy? Maybe, but it's also pretty neat. As far as crafting goes, I like how blogs and flickr accounts give you access to how artists approach their work. When you see a piece in a show, that's great and inspiring, but the internet makes it possible to experience the process behind the finished product. That's a whole 'nother kind of inspiring!

Case in point - I loved this giraffe that Redmag added to the Plush You flickr pool, so I went to check out the rest of her photos and blog.

The giraffe was there looking cute as ever (moving neck and all!), BUT she'd also posted an earlier version with a different face that she wanted to work on.

I think the difference is incredible! The black embroidered eyes & lashes fit so much better with the fabric it seems.

Anyway, she chooses great textiles and colors in all of her pieces. I like the dinosaurs too! Check out her flickr, blog and etsy for more.


cookie said...

amazing! sew cute!

Sanjay said...

This camal is very very longer but his neck is very loger .