Friday, March 14, 2008

Janine Berben

I love when someone sends me an email that say's check this out! And it's something I have not discovered yet. And then to boot, it's amazing. This happened today on good ole flickr.

First are her Frml's which she explains are:

"As a child, I always drew characters along the side line of my writings, these "characters" whom I call Frml’s, stands for: fragment, remain, rest. They are a fragment of my childhood. By making them tangibly I can divide this feeling with others. Frml’s have the possibility to keep memories within them and to nourish. They can be a souvenir, a lock of hair, a letter etc. Because a potential user can put a piece of itself in the Frm' l it will become more and more a fragment of their live".

Then you have these adorable creatures

**on a completely different note, I have emailed the winners for the Aranzi Aronzo giveaway. I have heard back from one lucky winner but still waiting to hear back from the other two. Please check your junk mail with the subject "Aranzi Aronzo Giveaway"

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camille said...

hi, janine, i'm camille vannier.
i saw that you took picture at Talente exhibition. do you mind if i take the picture you made of my plush-things to put it on my blog?
and thanks for the comment you made about my plush-thing! :)
see you