Thursday, March 06, 2008

Brought my lunch-also not plush

52 projects is really interesting to me. When I first moved to Seattle I got a job at a local boutique in the Wallingford area. One of the best parts of that job was when I got to make the artist book. I might have mentioned this before. Anyways, I got to call all the artists we carried and asked them various questions to help us better sell their work. Since most of the people I talked to were really nice I got to hear not only what kinds of materials they used but I got to hear a little bit about how they started. As someone that aspired to own her own shop or make a living making stuff of her own, I was very inspired by all of their stories as different as many of them were. Perhaps that is why 52 projects is so interesting to me. It conjures up those same feelings. I can get pretty sappy when it comes to hearing about people's passions, success and what it took to get them there. I think many of us struggle with finding what it is we want to do with ourselves, taking chances and worrying about the consequences that may come with blindly diving in. I know several friends that are in that boat and I try to tell them that they just need to go for it...even if they don't know exactly what is. Schmancy has been the biggest risk I have taken thus far in my life. As scary, uncomfortable and costly as it was/is, I really would never trade it. Somedays I cry over my stupid mistakes, my own negligence and my big desire for help (free help that is) but at the same time it has also connected me to a larger group than I even knew was out And from it, so many other things have happened such as the Plush You show and book. None of that would have happened if I hadn't just taken that leap. Check out 52projects, perhaps it will put that fire under your ass you have been looking for.

Okay, well that was not meant to be such a long sappy tangent but I don't feel like deleting it. Jeffrey Yamaguchi recently started the flickr group, Brought my lunch. In an effort to save money I have been trying to be really good about bringing my lunch to work every day. Perhaps this will help me even more.


siobhan said...

What is that called in jungian psychology?? "synchronicity"?

Last month I started blogging ( in an attempt to keep me busy and force my hand at doing projects that I have been meaning to do. Since that time, this same concept keeps popping up everywhere I turn.

okay maybe that's not synchronicity but the yellow volkswagon theory.

Either way... I now want to check out this book!

Sonya said...

Or it could be serendipity. Anyway, I am relatively new to your blog and this is my first time commenting. And no, not a sappy tangent at all - I feel like you're speaking to me. I definitely find the universe is either a) trying to tell me something or b) trying to light a fire under my behind. To create and take chances. Thanks for writing this. I'll need to check the book out as well.