Friday, February 15, 2008

You must be wondering

I finally got the dimensions and information I needed to make my final decisions about this year's Plush You show. There were seriously hundreds of applicants and it was a really really hard decision. I am mixing things up a bit between the stores but I have sent out emails for those that are showing in Schmancy and at Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco. Sally, Kate and Aaron are still deciding who to host at their shops this year and those emails will most likely go out sometime next week. I just thought I would keep you in the loop. If you did not get an email yet, don't get too disappointed. Fancy and Nancy are both great shops that had great plush in them last year. I promise you will hear from them soon.

1 comment:

natasha said...

i knew it could just not be possible that i wasn't picked, so i assumed there was red tape. just kidding. giggle. my yahoo has been eating emails, so at this point, i am paranoid all the time that i didn't get an email. that can be my excuse for everything, from now on. yeah, that's the ticket!