Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stacey Rebecca

I loved The Muppets. In fact, I still love The Muppet Show. I love the movies, I love Kermit, I love them all. I really hated my middle name as a kid and always had a "new" middle name I would come up with. I remember telling my mom one day that I wanted to get my middle name legally changed to Miss Piggy. Lucky for me my mom didn't have the attitude of "let your kids do whatever they want" and my middle name remains Noel. Miss Piggy would be pretty hard to explain now. Thank you momma!

Anyways, Moxie sent me a funny picture this morning of a tampon. It was funny and brought a smile to my face. I started looking through Stacey's other work and oh my god, she is an awesome puppeteer. I mean, really brought back some fond memories of kidhood. Her kids must think she is the most awesome person in the world.

She makes really adorable finger puppets too.

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