Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Plush You 2008

Here is the deal. You have not yet heard from me about this years show and this is why. I am still waiting to hear from a few galleries that may want to also have a show with some of you involved. I would like the details hashed out so that there is no confusion or misunderstandings between me, you and the gallery. For this reason I figured the best thing to do was get it all in order and then start contacting you. At this point it looks like you will get an invitation to participate here, in S.F. and possibly one other. So at this point it looks like you will be getting an invitation per show. The spaces are all different sizes so not everyone can participate in all plus maybe it would be too much for you.

That's it folks, please be patient. I am trying to work this all out in the next few days.

1 comment:

Caffaknitted said...

More shows? wow...You are one hard-working plush-loving chick! The anticipation is maddening, but thanks for all your hard work in putting this together!