Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Plaider Pillar

Alright folks, this etsy shop has some of the funniest descriptions for their toys and simply some of the best pictures I have seen. The yoga ball shot is the best!

You'll just have to go read all about it, it's laugh-out-loud funny!

This guy is really cute and really LONG!

Here is a little sample of his description:

"His name is Bruce Pants. That's Mr. Pants to you. Or else... the choking... with the legs... AND THOSE BABIES ARE LONG!

Check the pics. That's right. Six-foot arms, flip-back zipper head... What more could you want from a stuffed monster?

Mr. Pants comes complete with a tongue that can tie in knots so he can hang from it, a stealthy red robber's cap, and decorative suturing on his hands and feet for added toughness-of-look."

And can I please get my hands on Carl The Bad Egg Inflatable Balloon Toy

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