Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Australian Custom Plush Show

Looking for plush artists, toy designers and those wishing to wet their toes in the stormy seas of plushiness

Ruban Rat, an exciting newcomer in the Designer Toy scene in Sydney, Australia, along with plush designer Serena Kuhl are holding a custom plush show, November 12th, 2008. The show will be a collection of international plush artist’s interpretation of a template provided by the organisers, with an emphasis on ingenuity and creativity in the interpretation of the template’s basic shape. A documentation of the process will be recorded on the Plush It blog leading up to the show, giving a bit of an insight into plush artist’s creative process.

Think you’re interested? Please send no more than three small jpegs to plush.it@hotmail.com and a link to your site/Flickr page/blog/showcase of your work along with an email address you would like the template sent to as a file. Once artist’s have been selected we will contact you and provide you with a copy of the template below so you can start work!
Applications end by April 1st and hopefully we should have made decisions about whose in by the 24th

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