Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When I was writing the Plush You! book I asked all the participants from the first two years to let me know some of their favorite craft supplies. A lot of the folks emailed me back saying a CUTE pincushion was a must have. I understand the cute thing. I LOVE cute stuff. I mean, it's almost a problem. My friend told me once that he thinks I should try to like cute stuff less to save money. I can see his point although I just can't help it. It draws me in and then I just have to have it...whatever that "it" is at the moment. Anyways, I found these really cute pincushions today over at flickr and thought I would share.

You can see all her pincushions and other work here

This one's my favorite


LoRi said...

thanx!! i'm glad you liked my pincushions!! :D

loveandasandwich said...

awwww lori! she's a sweetheart, i love her. she must be so pumped about this, hahah