Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Needle

Admit it, it's fun to be apart of a club. You are in a club because you guys all like something enough to 1) seek out others that like the same thing you do and 2) you can talk with like minded people without feeling like a weirdo. It's awesome. So now you can join a club for creative folks that like to make and talk about plush toys. I see many names of folks already on there that I know but if you haven't become a member yet, you should.

Go here to see how you can become a member.


lucykate crafts... said...

thanks for the tip, i followed your link yesterday, and have today become a member!

Claire said...

Yeah, thanks for the tip! Come on over, we don't bite so much as gnaw.
No, actually, we don't even do that.