Thursday, January 31, 2008

I like coffee

Because I have been sick for over a month I have steered away from coffee. This used to be no big deal. Once I moved to Seattle and tasted really good coffee I became hooked. But dairy and colds like mine do not mix well together so I have not had much for awhile. Due to my fowl mood today I thought coffee might take the blues away. It didn't totally but it did help. Here are some really great coffee "creeps" from Nervous Onion. He is also an etsy Plush Street Team Member. Now coffee can bring you joy in more ways than one.


Spooky Daddy said...

the nervous onion is very much a dude not a she. ;-)
he is my best plush buddy i am proud to say.

Schmancy said...


Anonymous said...

wow! i am truly honored.

thank you very much! :)

Shannon said...

Yea! I just got my Creep and I love it!!!