Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Buche de Noel

Back in middle school, every year my French teacher would make us make a buche de noel for Christmas time. I thought it was awesome since I really enjoyed baking. This one year, one I don't think I will ever forget, my sister had to make her buche de noel. My dad had gone to a holiday work party put on by local paper people that his office worked with. Now my parents are not really drinkers. I swear after a few sips my mom seems a little tipsy. But once a year my dad would tie one on with work friends. It was hilarious. SO this particular year my sister is slaving away at her buche de noel with a classmate and my mom. My dad comes home with his work friends and apparently one of his coworkers is super wasted and cannot drive but needs to go home and my mom has suddenly been the chosen one to drive a bunch of drunk people home. Needless to say she was not a happy lady. She was all stressed out trying to help my sister and then to drive a half hour away was not on her agenda but she did it. The next day she decided to get up super early and wear her wooden clogs up and down the stairs on hardwood floors just to be annoying I think. It was a bit on the passive aggressive side I suppose but I thought it was hilarious. I don't think my dad ever tied one on so much after that.

Anyways, a good buche de noel always makes me think of this story. This beauty is not to be eaten but will surely bring good tidings to all.

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