Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shows over

Sadly today is the day we all are taking stuff down, moving things around and gearing up for our next art shows. I am going to try and keep some items that did not sell yet here at Schmancy and Sally has given me some items that did not sell from Fancy to sell over here as well. Hopefully with the upcoming holiday season all of your little creatures will find a new home.

If anyone is local and would like to pick up their items, please come on by.

Nancy will be contacting folks and will be keeping work that did not sell as well in the hopes that they will during the holidays.

We will all be contacting you soon about payments, etc. Going through the receipts is time consuming so please give us a little time to get through them all and contact you. You should be hearing from us sometime next week.

I am taking a few days off for my birthday so I will be gone from saturday to wednesday. I will be contacting you after then.



maritza said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jason said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! xxoxoxo

Schmancy said...

Thanks you!!!