Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to make a gingerbread man ornament

I am gearing up for Urban Craft Uprising and decided to make ornaments. I got interviewed today about crafts and the Plush You book for AP wire? Not really sure what that is but I guess newspapers apply for it and then they can use the stories for their own papers so perhaps you will see something in your local paper next week. If you do, will you please let me know?

Anyways the woman that interviewed me asked me to do a tutorial and I thought I would share it with you.

How to make a gingerbread man ornament

1) Get any sized Gingerbread Man cookie cutter.
2) Trace the cookie cutter onto a piece of tracing paper
3) Once you have nice clean lines, cut out the gingerbread man
4) Pin piece of tracing paper onto two pieces of light brown felt. I used wool felt but you can also use acrylic and a different color
5) Sew on eyes and "buttons" with either seed beads or actual buttons or both
6) Embroider on a mouth and nose. Any stitch you know and like works! Be creative
7) Adorn any other way you see fit: Ideas are to use rick rack, embroidery, buttons, glitter, etc.
8) Cut out a piece of ribbon of your choice
9) loop ribbon and pin between the two pieces of felt at the top of the head
10) I used a back stitch to sew around the piece
11) leave a whole for stuffing
12) Stuff and sew the rest around

Hang on tree or place on a package.

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