Friday, November 09, 2007

Cupcakes for Clara

As weird as it is, the holidays are approaching at what seems to be record speed. It's totally freaking me out. Wasn't it just September? I can't believe all the stuff I have to do for the holidays which I am sure you can all relate to. Holiday craft fairs galore! This year I have started making actual holiday stuff which I have never really done but I am actually into it. Surprised myself really. One thing that I think is just adorable are snowmen. No matter what, they just make me think of childhood. Making a snowman was something I think my whole family enjoyed and made snow more appealing. Cupcakes for Clara showed her work this year at Nancy. She also made the cutest little snowman imaginable. I was obviously lucky enough to see her work up close and have to say her workmanship is amazing. This is part of the Holiday Softies award. You can vote here

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Jessica said...

i THOUGHT these plush toys were much personality.