Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Sister could be your ticket

My sister, Chelsea, is starting a business and it might be right up your alley. She will be starting a rep business for the crafty and the artsy. She will begin by hitting up tons of stores in the Seattle area and down to Portland. It could be a great opportunity to get your work out there more than you can on your own. In my own experience making things to sell, I never had enough time to look for stores, recontact them, make appointments, etc. Because I always lost steam, I lost a lot of store accounts. Now Chelsea can help solve that problem!! She wants to work with folks that make all kinds of goods to help diversify what she can bring to lovely stores such as Schmancy, Fancy + Pants, Nancy and many many more.

If you are interested in this awesome opportunity hit her up at:

Be nice, she's my baby sister.

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