Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For about one month there were two chickens living down the street from my apartment. Now in some places this would seem normal but not in Seattle two blocks from the freeway in Capital Hill. At first I would just hear them in the early am and think, who the hell has chickens around here. Then one day I heard them as I was talking to my parents. I looked out the window not really expecting to see two chickens walking around on the sidewalk. It was really weird. I kind of starting getting used to seeing them and then last week I heard people down there and looked out my window to see three people trying to catch them. I knew they had their work cut out for them but it appears that the humans won as now I don't hear them anymore.

Here is a cute chicken by Maya Bella.

I dedicated this post to my little chicken friends that have hopefully been taken to a place full of chicken food, warmth and other chicken friends.

Oh and Happy Halloween!


Charlie P said...

Sniff...that's really sad :(
Bye bye chickens.

Strangely enough I've just finished making a chicken to keep Mr. Pigeon company. Have some more chicken love to fill the void!...

Shannon said...

Sweet little chickens where ever you are... You were loved.

Thanks so much for featuring my little Rosie Chicken in your story of the neighborhood clucksters!