Friday, September 07, 2007

Any Volunteers?

I just got an email from Elliott Bay Book Company and they will be doing an event for the release of the Plush You book! Yahooo. Anyways I am looking for one person willing to do a tutorial/demonstration. Since Moxie will be doing the event before at Victrola, I thought it would be nice to have someone else do one at Elliott Bay Books. I am thinking it would be a relatively simple tutorial where those interested would purchase supplies beforehand to bring for the event. So as the volunteer you would need to write up a supplies list, conduct the tutorial and have fun. It's a great way to meet some new fellow crafters, get exposure in the community for your work and spend a fun day with eager beginners as well as experienced crafty folks. I am thinking a hand sewing project might be the easiest to attract all different types of people.

Anyways I am open to suggestions and hope that someone is willing to take up the challenge.

Also at this event I will talk about the show and book (i am really nervous btw) and will be selling the book. First official book party!

RIght now the tentative date for this event is Nov. 2nd but is subject to change.

Please email me at if interested in participating in this awesome event.

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