Thursday, August 16, 2007


A few weeks ago one of my favorite friends, Maribel, came over to Schmancy for a little visit. She showed me the website for pinkberry because she thought their song was catchy. I saw the website, the name, and logo and told her I was almost certain that there was one opening up here on Broadway. That night I drove by and it is not pinkberry but crazyberry. The logos are almost identical which makes me a little skeptical as it turns out they are not related but I still tried the frozen yogurt and OH MY! It's delicious. It totally reminds me of being a kid and how much I loved frozen yogurt and why I am going to be in love with it again. So despite it's fishy branding I give the place a thumbs up in delicious. Since my first visit I can't stop thinking about frozen yogurt, ice cream and the like. This post and some others (to come) are dedicated to just that.

I found Melbangel Crafts up on Etsy today. She has some really cool ice cream inspired patterns that are super cute...enough to make you salivate. She has a lot up on her site so if you got some free time, go check it out.

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