Friday, August 03, 2007

Pamela McCarty

When I lived in Cleveland I worked in daycare. Ever since I have felt a little out of touch with what children like and how they develop. Since some good friends moved back to Seattle with their adorable little girl, Q'Oriankah, I have finally gotten to hang with a kid again and it's awesome. She is going on 2 and really into her Dora doll and another doll she has named Elena. As a tribute to her doll obsession I thought I would mention Pamela McCarty. I was not sent any website, etsy site or blog from her but her dolls are cute and seem like perfect gifts for the doll obsessed children you might know.

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Pamela said...

Thank you so much for sharing my dolls with everyone. I actually have custom dolls for sale here: Zoe's Baby Doll. I only have smaller one's for sale, but I am always open to requests! I have been making these dolls for over 3 years and they are so much fun! -pam