Thursday, August 16, 2007

Info for this year's show

As we approach the show, I thought I would answer some questions here about how to send stuff, where, etc.

You were all sent an email along with the store you were showing at along with a form letter explaining about the show. Depending on where you are showing depends on where you send your work. If you are showing at Schmancy please send work to Schmancy (1932 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98101), same with Nancy (1930 2nd Ave...) and Fancy + Pants (1914 2nd Ave..). When you send your work you are more than welcome to include any promotional items you may have. Each store will have a promotional table that will include items such as business cards, buttons, magnets, postcards, etc. It's a great way to get your name out there and believe me, people go crazy at that table.

Next, if you are coming from out of town and are looking for a place to stay, I might first suggest starting a thread on our flickr group. Perhaps there is a local artist that has some extra space to put you up. That might be fun. Then there is also the Moore Hotel located in between all of our stores. It's a great hotel with very great prices. My friends just stayed there last weekend for $132 for two nights...they did have a shared bathroom but they thought the room was really clean, quiet and easy.

I will put up some Seattle specific things to do, see, etc. soon.

Any other questions are welcom too!

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Michal said...

about the promotionals - can we send them in a week or two after our plush? i just know what i want to make will require for the plush to be finished and photographed and then sent out so it'll take it a bit to get to me.
what do you think?