Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Funky Friends Factory

Children are starting to go back to school and for some, this is a very emotional time with lot's of changes. I remember being a bit confused when I started elementary school; not knowing many people, being there for a long time and having to listen to someone I just met. I was thinking about ways to help kids adjust to this major change in their lives.

Funky Friends Factory is a one woman operation making really adorable critters. These guys just made me feel happy and I can imagine if you gave one to your little one starting school it would add a little comfort for the next few weeks, year's...uhh...whatever to come. These are patterns so you can customize one specifically to your kid or for yourself. Even adults need a little comfort sometimes :)

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juju designs said...

Oh my gosh...I LOVE your guys...especially the little lamb...they're too cute!