Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend Knitting

Seattle has seen better summer days. It's been a very unusual summer...year actually, for weather. Lately it has been raining like fall instead of summer rain. Needless to say it made me look through my knitting books, a hobby I feel more into during the fall and winter. I forgot how awesome Weekend Knitting is. I have done a few projects from this book including some leg warmers that I loved. Here is part of the description taken from Amazon:
"Weekend Knitting collects 50 unique, innovative projects and ideas for the beginning- and intermediate-level knitter, many of which can be made in a weekend or less. Every project is presented in full-color photographs and with clear instructions. Weekend Knitting also features beautiful photos shot in and around real homes, evoking perfect knitting weekends filled with fresh air, friends, and delicious food." All true.

Melanie Falick is the author and creative force behind this really amazing book. She is also the former editor-in-chief of Interweave Knits and the author of Knitting for Baby, Kids Knitting, and Knitting in America. She recently joined the editorial staff of Stewart, Tabori & Chang.

If you are in the mood to knit something up over the weekend, I highly suggest getting this book. I know you love doing plush but it's nice to switch it up once in awhile :)

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