Friday, July 27, 2007

Amy Gaines Amigurumi Patterns

My other finding yesterday was Amy Gaines.

I am trying to become more experienced at crochet to the point where I might be able to make up my own patterns but I am not sure how you can pass up this adorable hedgehog pattern. I am sure this would bring smiles to many children as adults. I just imagine a little kid taking it to school in their pocket when they feel too old for stuffed animals but still want one.

Her Amigurumi Garden Gnome Pattern Set is equally as adorable. I really need to get this one! My mom bought my sister this whole Amelie gift one year for Christmas including the movie and a garden gnome. At the time I still had not seen the movie and thought my mom had really lost it. Once I saw it I understood how sweet it was.

For you knitters, this super cute bunny would be a perfect Easter basket gift.

And back to Play Foods, these simple snack patterns would surely bring delight to any recipient. When you are finished you will have a hamburger-top and bottom bun, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes, a drink with lid and straw, popcorn tub, and popcorn and peanuts with peanut bag

ahahhahah so many things to do and not enough time for any of it!

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Louisa said...

I agree these are adorable, I only knit at the minute I know the basics to crochet, but im not very experianced i can't wait to learn more advanced crochet it sometimes has a nicer look to it than knitting.