Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice to meat you

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Hey plush fans, my name’s Robert and Kristen has kindly invited me to post the occasional guest blog here. I run an online shop called Mahar Drygoods that features vintage and artisan crafted goods for kids, blog about better than average kid’s design over at Junior Society and recently was a guest judge alongside Kristen for the Softies Awards.

So with summer on its way, I’ve had barbeque on the brain. Not unlike fried food, I tend to think most any food has the potential to taste amazing when slathered in BBQ sauce. And no offense to my vegetarian and vegan friends, but brisket just makes me happy – not so happy I’d want to carry a slice around in my backpack like a pet or cuddle a plateful while watching a movie…that is until now. There are a surprising number of artists taking on the tenderloin and the t-bone as inspiration for plush. Those of you who remember that art history lecture on Claes Oldenburg, know it’s not such a new idea, but all art references the past in some way - here are a few of my current plush meat favorites.

(Thanks to tombland on Flickr.com for the happy bologna photo above.)

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A whole deli case of personality plus Plush Meat Cuddlers by Mr. Pickles: Lambshank, T-Bone, Ham Slice, Roast Beef.

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All good pigs go to heaven. Exhibit A: Bacon Angels by SappyMooseTree (select from Fatty, Meaty, Smiling or Singing)

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How amazing are these variety meats by SweetMeats? Beautifully constructed and the 'SuperSavor' newspaper ad format just makes me want them all. I'm a total sucker for clever presentation.

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Fast food favorites with perpetually astonished button eyes by Bnice2mice on Flickr.com. (She also makes amazing plush milk cartons.)


moogan said...

how cool is the supersaver concept.

susan said...

haha im veg, but this post is making me want to make some meat! love the whole ham thingy