Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plush You! book.

I just got these postcards the publisher will be using to promote the book at a book expo in NYC in the near future. Please feel free to use this image for your own blogs, etc. As a note, the cover will be changed somewhat so this is not the final image. Yahooo

Preorder your copy here although I suggest waiting until it's out and at a local shop near you.


lookwhaticando said...

Congratulations Kristen...it look fantastic. xoxo

miss said...

do you think it will be out in montreal? and... are the artisits in it get a free copy?


karine =^_^=

Schmancy said...

it should be all over but not sure exactly. as far as free copies go, i was told free ones go to everyone who included a tutorial. i can double check.