Tuesday, May 01, 2007

425 Squart Foot Art

Since we are on the topic of felting let's just keep going. 425 sq ft art makes felting plushies look alive. I looked around her super cute site for awhile and really like the things she said on her "about" page. We often forget that we all need to create something and usually on a daily basis. I took some time off making anything for what it seemed like a year and wow, i was bummed. As soon as I picked up some knitting needles again, the fire was started and I have not stopped yet. I forget to take the time to realize that making something (anything!) in return makes me happy and is essential element for my sanity. You are never too old to try something new or to live like your inner 5 year old.

Thanks Jenni for reminding us. Now go check her work out. It looks like it takes a long time but I bet it's worth it all the way.

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