Thursday, April 26, 2007

Book Review

I have decided to do book reviews about various plush books and other related books. Here is my first one. **If anyone cares to contribute a review (or anything else for that matter) please shoot me an email and I'll get it up here.

Book: ISBN4-277-49048-4 (can't find a direct link)

This is the best $5.00 I have spent in awhile. I purchased this book at Kinokuniya here in Seattle. I have to admit that every time I flip through this book I am very eager to delve into the art of felting. The projects seem pretty self explanatory and are more importantly, they are adorable. The mini mushroom brings me more joy than I can put into words. Then there is the hedgehog, lamb, skunk, birds (there is a variety of different birds), dogs, bunnys, cats and more. They are some of the cutest little creatures you have ever laid eyes on and hopefully someday soon, I'll be able to put one in my hand. Either way, it's the best book under $5.00 I have seen in a long time.


Greg said...

hey, look forward to the reviews.
I don't know if this url will show up, but I found the book on amazon japan:
Fuwafuwa mascots

Schmancy said...

thanks a lot. more goodies to come soon

Jocelan Hillton said...

yes i agree that book is awesome!
i will have to check out that store next time i'm in seattle.