Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bony Bunz

I don't get too much time to email people and ask them to apply for Plush You! It does not mean I don't want to. I have heard a lot of people say they are shy or intimidated so they don't end up applying for the show. Let me tell you, this comes from people that make amazing things. So first I would like to take the time to encourage you to apply! Yes, we get a lot of applicants but we want to see it all. There are still people applying but the closing date is approaching so wait no longer. Send emails to with your name, three examples of your work and your info. Don't be shy!

Bony Bunz comes all the way from France. I love the characters and design. I actually did send them an email to encourage them to apply. I am so glad they (she/he) did apply. Sorry my French is bad. Either way I love it. That's the beauty of art and plush, you don't need to speak it to love it. I'm sick so I am outta here.

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