Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our youngest applicant yet.

There have been several children involved in Plush You! I love when kids participate. It's great to see parents encouraging their kids to be creative and crafty and as a result you have a lot of adults like us. Audrey is our youngest applicant to date. Nine years old and super busy from the sounds of it. Thanks Audrey for the great interview and keep on plushin'

S- What age did you start making plush animals?

AD-I started when I was nine…just this year.

S-As you are the youngest participant so far for Plush You, is there anything you would like to say to other young artists about making plush?

AD-Make them wild and wacky! Pick unique, fun fabrics. They can be any shape.

S-What is your favorite part of creating plush toys?

AD-I like designing them. Picking out fabric, choosing the button eyes and things like that.

S-What other hobbies do you have?

AD-I now make doll jewelry too. When I’m not making doll jewelry, I like to draw pictures and write stories for my new zine, Homeschool Hodgepodge.

S-Your mom mentioned that you want to start just creating the toys and then having your mom sew them, why don’t you want to sew them any longer?

AD-Well, it’s a lot of work! Sometimes my hands start to get tired but I just want them to be done. I’m going to help with the stuffing though.

S-Are your characters influenced from anything…dreams, movies, etc?

AD-They just come from my head. Also, I look through my mom’s fabric stash for ideas.

S-Your mom also mentioned that you are selling on Etsy. How is that going?

AD-I just sold a Huggaboo. Her name was Lulu. She kind of represented a rabbit since I have a rabbit name Lulu. I sell them under my business name, pinky promise. I even have business cards!

S-Do your friends help you with your plush?

AD-No, just my mom.

S-What’s your favorite school subject?

AD-Probably reading.

S-What do you want to do when you grow up?

AD-I want to be a vet! My favorite animal is a horse but I love all animals.

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