Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book due today!

I just sent the last(ish) file to the publisher for the book. I am so excited that it is almost all in the hands of my editor and now I just have to do adjustments and wait....that will be hard for me.

The release date for the book is Nov. 1st at the moment. The editor said that that could change by a week or so but it's so exciting to kinda know and that it will be this year!

Also the most exciting news to go along with this book is that we are teaming up with the lovely folks at Etsy. That's right folks! The weekend of Dec. 8th and 9th will be Plush You party time at the Etsy Lab in Brooklyn. One day we will have several workshops featuring some of our Plush You artists and a book release party and then the other day there will be a craft sale with vendors also from the Plush You show and then other friends of Etsy. I am so excited about all of this and hope you are too. If you are interested in doing a workshop or having a booth, please email me.

Thanks to all of you for answering my emails, being patient and supportive.

Now it's Party time!

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