Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First Off

Let me just tell you a little news. There are going to be some major changes happening over at Fancy, Schmancy and Pants. Fancy is moving in with Pants, Schmancy is moving into Fancy and a new store is going into Schmancy...that will be left a secret for now as to what it is going to be.

So now the show will be at Schmancy, ??? store, and Fancy Pants. This does not change much for you guys, things will remain the same for you.

I was also on the bus this morning thinking about the show and how it would be really fantastic if you all had any ideas about how to promote the show in your own ways. Obviously we have some great things in the works but if you guys want to help, have ideas, etc., please say something! If anyone works with Whip Up, maybe we could get a write up on there or an interview. Not to mention all the other interesting blogs, etc. Please feel free to contribute anything at all to make people visit this site, get all of your names out there, etc. This is a showcase for you.

1 comment:

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